Team Peebles "Ophelia" hosts North Berwick

Wednesday came on the back of Hurricane Ophelia and Peebles stormed into North Berwick for our last match of the season, and blew them away.

With Tom"Ace"Litster unavailable Roger Scott partnered Ian Tate in the first match off against the home teams captain & seniors convenor. My use of the word obscene has been limited to my professional career and a certain publications squad! However their 9&7 victory can't be described any other way. What a start.

Next to tee it up - Andy Tucker & Jim"Chariots"Cutler. A solid start from Jim was then matched by Andy as they went into the turn 4up. Back nine saw a stronger showing form the home pair, however these likely lads came in 2up.

Brain"Shooter"Robson with Andy"H"Nelson suffered something of a battering form their opposition. While the eye of the storm covered the rest of our team, they got caught on the wall, spinning out to a 5&4 loss.

Next at the first - Team Peebles very own secret weapon. Brain"RAPTOR"Taylor & George"Phaser"Cunningham were the captains pick and how they rewarded his confidence. Dovetailing perfectly they kept a seasoned partnership at bay. Winners 2&, and with it brought home our prize, a Team Peebles victory.

Team Ian's had been cast asunder, with only Ian Mewett available for this fixture. So it was an ideal opportunity for Stevie Matthews to pair up and bask in some of their glory. Nip & tuck till the 7th, there the Peebles pair pulled clear and secured the point with a par on the 16th to win 4&2.

Final two were Sam Walker & David Barr. They were a much fancied pairing to bring home the points and with it secure our match victory. 2 up at the turn, and cruising, that plan was on course. Then dual registered Drew"AC/DC"Lowe hit a fantastic run of form over the back 9, including a birdie at the 16th. Our lads lost out 2&1.

So a superb away victory 4&2, condemning last season's loss to the record book trash can, and mirroring our home victory 5&1.

Fantastic result guys. So proud of today's team and all 26 who have committed and contributed to this seasons successful seniors campaign. Roll on 2018 !!  

North Berwick Teamsheet on 18th October

Gents - Selection for the North Berwick based on qualification and availability. Meet North Berwick 9:30 for coffee. There is a formal lunch afterwards for which we require dress shirt, tie & jacket. Usual cost £8. See you there.


Allocated time & pairings -


10:09           Roger Scott & Ian Tate


10:18           Andy Tucker & Jim Cutler


10:27           Andy Nelson & Brain Robson


10:36           Brian Taylor & George Cunningham


10:45           Stevie Matthews & Ian Mewett


10:54           Sam Walker & David Barr

Captain Minted with Victory at Minto

As I write, looking out on a dreich day, it's hard to believe that we travelled to Minto on Tuesday in gorgeous early autumn sunshine. Eager to get back to winning ways after the last two away defeats, and having been held to a draw on our own manor this match was well set up as a strong competition.

Our lead pairing and reunited for the first time this season were last season's top scorers - Brian"Shooter"Robson and David Wright. Once again they got the ball rolling beautifully both physically and metaphorically by securing a hard fought, yet vital opening 2&1 victory.

Roger Scott & Tom"Ace"Litster were next off against what has come to be a very strong Minto line-up. Nip and tuck all the way to the 18th, the frustration of a missed putt to secure the draw was visible to those around. So a loss 1 down balanced the overall scores.

Stevie Mathews and Andy"H"Nelson were teamed for the first time this year, but having played together in other events, appeared a strong partnership. Alas the combination of a very solid Minto crew and our utter inability to read the greens allowed the match run away. Contradicting  Scotties famous line  - it appears we were able change the laws of physics. So the records will show a 6&5 defeat. Still pars at 17 & 18 were overshadowed by Andy's chip in for birdie at the last hole. Enough to make us believe it's worth returning for another go !

Ken Davey and Vic Roberts formed an excellent partnership, supporting one other perfectly, to maintain the pressure on their opponents, and come home with a 2&1 victory.

Jim Lyle and Sam Walker, though last on paper were back in the clubhouse early, having romped to a stunning 3&2 victory.

So the match score was 3-2 to Peebles as we waited the last pairing on the course to return their score. That fell to Jim"Chariots"Cutler and debutant for this season Geoff Lawson. Their match had gone the distance, finishing for them at the 10th. The result they achieved - match halved - meant Peebles secured the points 3½ - 2½.  Boy how your lunch tastes sweeter with a win.

One pair missing for the day "Team Ian's". Once again can I thank them for all their contributions over the season.

Our final challenge is against North Berwick away on 18th October. Selection for this match is via availability, supported by qualifying points accrued throughout our season. Notice for this match will go up super early - this Friday.

West Linton take the Derby Honours

Last Thursday, Peebles were hosted at West Linton for this seasons "Derby" match. Having comfortably secured a home victory last year some redress was anticipated. A close encounter was anticipated and delivered.

With the first two ties commencing at the 17th - this meant the demanding regulation Par 3, Par 3 finish was the starting point for these matches.

Out first Ken Davey and returning to competitive golf after ankle surgery Alister Lambert. They saw their opponents start 3,3,3,3. Eventually loosing 6&4 they had scored collectively a net 63.

Team Ian's were next step up, to tame the challenge of starting at the 17th. Due to holiday commitments this would be the last opportunity for Peebles very own "Pete & Dud" to partner one another. Alas it was not to end with similar genius comic timing. A loss on the day I down. However over their eight matches played, 6 points returned. What a result. On more than one occasion they have bought the final result for Team Peebles. You’re a fantastic success guys.

Sandy Wood & Jim Lyle were Peebles initial pairing off the first tee. Three up & three to play their match might have thought to have been in the bag. However coming down the final stretch and giving up strokes, they were reeled back and the match was halved.

Roger& Tom"Ace"Litster were our next match out. A close fought encounter throughout they finally managed to close out the game on the 18th to win 1 up. I have been advised that Tom now has the Rules of Golf App downloaded on his abacus !

Next up, Alan Jackson with a seasoned campaigner, yet on his debut outing of the season Graeme"TheVoice"Murray. Again our pairing came up against a very strong Linton team, to whom they lost out 5&4.

Finally Vic Roberts & Stevie Matthews had a titanic battle against their West Linton opposition. Never more than a hole in it till a loss at the 16th, meant Peebles were dormie 2. However a par at both 17 & 18, the latter from Vic with a hideous down braking putt, secured a halved match.

A final tally reflected a tight but competitive match in which Peebles had lost out 2-4. So the "Whipmen" of Linton had upper hand, but this was by no means a lashing.

Next match, our penultimate, is 19th September, once again away at Minto with whom we drew at home earlier in the season. So massive hunger to get one over on them on their track.

First Loss as Peebles Defeated @ Gencorse

Last season saw Peebles trounce Glencorse at home. A 6-0 whitewash. Clearly the result had stung the men from Penicuik. Retribution was sought and on Tuesday last that's what they achieved, by playing some outstanding golf on their home course.

First out Andy"H"Nelson and Gordon"Wolfie"Fisher were in their own words hammered 6&5. A sad end to the season for Gordon playing his last game before commitments with his one man show at the festival and then seasonal tour to land of the white cloud. On a serious note thanks for all your support "Wolfie".

Next out Brian"Shoter"Robson and Sandy Wood. Two down after 3 holes, to birdies, the score appeared almost to be on the card before they tee'd off. Despite Brian having a net 64 the pair still succumbed 4&3.

Off out third Stevie Matthews & Jim"Chariots"Cutler. A close match - cut and thrust - with no more than a hole in it until the 14th, the "stooriefits" recorded a 3&2 victory. The match was a fantastic and sporting competition, which inspired a cumulative score form the 2 pairs of 3 under par.

That was however the highlight of the day for Team Peebles.

George Cunningham & Sam Walker went down 3&2. Then Ken Davey returning to his old course playing alongside David Barr lost out to their opponents 2&1.

Even Team Ian's - Mewit & Pemberton were unable to curb the course or their opponents and for the first time this year lost a match - the numbers on the board 2&1.

So the Penicuik Huntsmen held the whip hand, galloping to a winning 5-1.

A wee setback for the season, yes, but by no means a disaster.

Next outing this Thursday at West Linton, our Derby game. Another challenge playing a home team who again will be desperate to reverse the beating they took at Peebles last year.

See you there.

Pemberton Plays His Own Tune To Lift The Title

You will, as keen readers of this blog, recall I have been able to record within the text of my updates the heroics of our very own Team Ian's. However as with all boy band's there comes that need to break free and fulfil a solo career.

So it was last Tuesday. Ian"X Factor"Pemberton struck out, to pursue, one direction new to him. In so doing he took the prize in the Seniors Trophy. Scoring had however gone down to the wire. It was only once the lines were closed and totals could the counted and independently validated that the crown was finally awarded, on count back, with a net 68.

Second, and thus by expectation far more likely to be top of the pops at the Xmas Party - Andy Pearson. I can hear that gravelly voice resonating as I write.

Third with no known links, tenuous or otherwise, to any legend of pop. Grant Bowie on 69.

Away Day @ Gala see's Peebles Retain Season Momentium.

Monday past was the start of our seniors away fixtures season, our first being the return rubber against Torwoodlee, a course that is always in great nick.  

Starting form 3 tees positions; 1st, 3rd & 17th, there were traditional pairings, however a necessary break from our traditional playing positions.

So it was Alan Jackson out with Tom"Ace"Litster followed by Team "Ian" - Pemberton & Mewitt off the 1st. A great first up grouping for Peebles, they secured two "W's" respectively 3&2 & 2&1, with their opponents flagging up they were given a putting lesson on their own greens.

Off the 3rd were Brian"Shooter"Robson playing with Sandy Wood, making his first outing this year, followed by Stevie Matthews partnered by David Wright also playing his first match of the season. A frustrating day for both pairings. Brian & Sandy being 2 up finally succumbed on the final hole - the testing 2nd, losing the tie on that green. Similarly Stevie & Davie were at one point 4 up, & still dormie 2, only for their opponents to sink a 12 yard putt on the same final hole to earn their draw.

Sent out from the 17th Vic Roberts & Jim Lyle, were followed by regular pairing Gordon"Wolfie"Fisher & Jim"Chariots"Cutler. The former match, a tight affair from the get go, went all the way to their 18th hole where there was a putt on offer to win the match, narrowly missed, so a halve achieved. The latter was a more cut and dry affair with the Gordon & Jim playing Torwoodlee's top pairing, going down 4&2, all be it with the moral victory of winning the last 2 holes of the 18 played.

The result as announced over a super lunch provide by their club's new stewards, - MATCH HALVED. An excellent result, for an away fixture. Very much a glass half full out-come.

We remain undefeated in 2017, yet another wonderful result for Team Peebles. A great thanks to ALL involved.

Our next outing is @Glencorse, possibly one of the most demanding of the tracks we play such are its tree lined, tight fairways and burn hazards! Team sheet goes up on Tuesday 8th August for the match on the 22nd.

Roberts puts the "VIC" in Victory

Last Tuesday was the monthly seniors Stableford and romping home and into the winners enclosure with a magnificent 42 point was Vic Roberts. Pushing him hard - Jim LYLE on 40 points and coming in third with 38 our very own "Mr Consistancy" Bill Hardcastle, achieving his third podium finish this season.

Well done guys great performance reflected in your new handicap adjustments.

Strong Finish as Peebles Overcome Torwoodlee

Thursday saw Peebles entertain Torwoodlee. Last season matches had been close events with Pebbles coming out on top in both. It appeared that the visitors were seeking pay back. Their squad, of accomplished players had been assembled, selected and partnered to maximise performance. This should prove an interesting challange for the home team.

Roger Scott and Tom "Ace" Litster were first out and came up against Torwoodlee's top pairing. The result, an uncharacteristic 2&1 loss. Was this a sign of things to come?

Jim "Chariot's" Culter with Gordon "Wolfie" Fisher were next out. Again they were presented with another formidable partnership. They also went down 2&1, however their performance was exceptional when viewed against one of the Torwoodlee pair carding a net 63.

Stevie Matthews and Sam Walker had formed a winning team at Torwoodlee last season and this was again to prove a winning combination, 4&3 the margin, having recovered from being three down early on and indeed 1 down at the turn.

Vic Roberts and on his first outing this season Donald Jamie were next out and overcame their opponents by the same 4&3 margin. The match is back tied and tightly balanced.

Brian Robson with debutant Andy Nelson held a lead for most of the round, however another top Torwodlee player roared home to ensure that honours were even. The match was halved.  So still no winner in the enclosure. All to play for.

So it fell to the final pairing of Ian Mewett & Ian Pemberton, not for the first time, who brought home their tie, a 4&3 victory, and with it the match for Peebles. Team "Ian" stats are 5-0. On this form I am expecting a call for Thomas Bjorn as to their availability for 2018 in France !

We are undefeated at home - a fantastic performance guys.

Next outing our reverse rubber versus Torwoodlee down on their manor. I anticipate they will be even more focused on succeeding. Team sheet goes up 10th July for the match on 24th. For this we look to welcome back David Wright who will partner Stevie Matthews. For the remainder of the team selection, an opportunity to keenly enhance our reputation.

Honours Even - Peebles Sustain Unbeaten Season

Tuesday was the 4th match of the seniors schedule. Minto were the guests and last year's match saw Peebles squeeze home by the narrowest of margins, while the reveres rubber down there was drawn. So a tight encounter was expected and so it proved.

Roger Scott & Tom"Ace"Litster lead us out again and returned with the early point, winning 5&3 and described by Minto's captain as a "gubbing".

Next pairing of Gordon"Wolfie"Fisher & Andy Tucker doubled the Peebles total with their decisive 3&2 victory.

Stevie Matthews formed a new partnership with Ken Davey. The big hitting pairing were cruising, as much as 4 up at one stage, and still 2 up after the 14th, they appeared to be heading for dormie 3 at the 15th, until their opponents chipped from through the green to 6". Hole lost as were the next 2 they eventually went down by 2. This match really was the one that got away.

Vic Roberts & Brian"Shooter"Robson were next out and played Minto's top pairing. Holding on to their opponents coat tails most of the way round they finally went down 2&1.

There may be no I in team, but thankfully Peebles Seniors have their own Team I, in the form of Ian's Mewett & Pemberton. Fourth run out and victory number four. On this occasion not the usual 7&5 - merely numbers of 6&4 ! Memo to Ian's for the last home match … must do better !!

Last out Jim"Chariots"Cutler & Ian Tate who accepted they had a torrid time of it, losing out 4&3. With that result the match was halved.

Onto our final home match against Torwoodlee on 15th June. That team sheet is already filled. Clearly there is a renewed vigour within the senior section, a competitive instinct which may mellow with age but never leaves us.  

Well done team, see you for the pailies.

Peebles Hat Trick with Fisher no Flash in the Pan.

Thursday was our third home fixture, as we entertained Broomieknowe. The visitors arrived super sharp, but clearly not sharp enough to deny Peebles a superb 4½ to 1½ victory.

First out Roger Scott with team debutant and last minute reserve Brian Taylor, who secured an early lead triumphing 2&1. An excellent start to Brain's seniors career.    

In the week when our senior stableford result proved age is never a restriction, the next points were secured by Peebles very own team "septuagenarian" of Jim Cutler & "Flash" Gordon Fisher. Playing against the visiting captain they secured a 3&2 victory and with it words of commendation in his post match address. A super pairing and very positive selection option for our future matches.

Stevie Matthews & Ian Tate were on their game from the start, quickly running up a two hole lead, doubled at the 10th and eventually running out 6&4 winners to a battling but on the day over par Broomiknowe partnership.

Brian Rosbon & another debutant Ken Davey then ran up an early 3 hole lead over the front 9. However their opposition stormed back with a gross 34 on the back 9 including a birdie at the 18th, to half the match, thereby achieving a half point for each pair. However that critical fraction secured the result.

Tie 5 paired David Barr & Sam Walker played against what turned out to be a formidable Broomiknowe pairing. Despite Sam scoring 20 stableford points on the first 8 holes they still went down 5&4.

That left the Ian's to continue their outstanding form this season - 3 matches played , 3 points recorded, this week 7&5 to the good.

Still early days in our season, but so satisfying to be here with stats of 3 for 0. Well done team.

Next "scalp" Minto on the 30th.

That team list match filled very swiftly, but please if available identify yourself as a reserve, we went through 5 extras to get our full compliment for today's contest so every chance you'll be called up.

May Seniors Stableford Result

Age is no limitation they say, and so it proved in the winners enclosure for May's Stableford.

On what was a far better day than many had forecast the overcast skies could not prevent Bill Hardcastle's beaming smile lighting up the course as he posted a superb 41 points. In second place Andrew Lowe with 40 who beat "gentleman" Jim Pettigrew into 3rd place on count back.

Well done to our prize winners and to all who took part. There were some notable scores, a few birdies and the odd PB down the sheet.

What can only make the next competition better, will be to increase our numbers so please badger, bother or berate you fellow seniors into playing in these games.

Peebles Win Tight Encounter as the "IAN's" Take It

The seniors schedule continued with what was a tightly fought encounter against St Boswells, Peebles finally wining through 3½ to 2½.

Roger Scott & Tom Litster set the standard with a victory, 1 up, over the visitors captain. Indeed it was groundhog day as "ACE" Tom in defeating the St Boswell skipper, repeated last year's victorious encounter. However this was achieved with not a single hole in one, much less the brace he recorded in last seasons match. In play bookies were heard to take a collective sigh of relief.

Next out, on their first outing for 2017, were David Barr & Keith Brunton who went down the 18th all square and halved the hole to secure a vital ½ point.

Stevie Matthews & Gordon Fisher were well beaten 4&3 by a very soundly balanced St Boswells pairing. Gordon played solo last week & may have thought at times, he had been left battle single handed again this week. However he did achieve a first - as the scratch golfer in the 4 ball. Just goes to prove that it is never to late for an old dog to present with a new scratch.

Vic Roberts & Alan Jackson had titanic encounter in their match. Coming home with a victory, 1up, their point bounced Pebbles into the lead again.

Another new pairing for the 2017 season, Sam Walker & Jim Lyle fought a valiant rear guard action, however they eventually succumbed 3&1.

Five ties down, one to go & the match all square.

Cometh the hour cometh ….. the Ian's.

Recording their second victory of the season, Ian PEMBERTON & Ian MEWETT romped home 7&5, in what the opposition described as a near scratch golf.

So with that last point, the Peebles team secured victory by the narrowest of margins. Another big thanks to all concerned in maintaining our momentum, which we look to roll into next week's game when we host Broomieknowe.

The team sheet for the game on the 30th, again at home, versus Minto will be on the seniors board from Tuesday 16th.

Peebles Cruise to Win with CUTLER "On Fire"

Tuesday saw Peebles Seniors commence their 2017 campaign with a 5 - 1 defeat of North Berwick.

Andy Tucker & Ian Tate set the tone with an excellent opening partnership 4&3 victory over the visitor captain's pairing.  This was replicated by Roger Scott & Jim"On Fire"CUTLER, as described by partner & opposition, the latter conceding 4 birdie putts such was this maestro's approach play.

Stevie Matthews & Brian"Shooter McGavin"ROBSON, so dubbed for his putting from anywhere on the green, then backed up with 5&4 to add to the team points pot. Ians, Pemberton & Mewett kept our momentum going through the 4th tie winning 1 up to achieve another "W". The fifth point came courtesy of new partnership Alan Jackson & George Cunningham, coming home 2&1.

Special mention to Gordon Fisher - a late replacement, and in the absence of his playing partner, now a lone wolf. Gordon single handily held off his opposition pairing, only succumbing on the 17th.

Superb effort gentlemen, we are all set fair for the season. Next outing 11th May, the team sheet for which is already full. This is followed by a home match Thursday 18th May - that fixture team sheet will go up on our notice board on the 4th.

Finally match reserves, as clearly evidenced today, are a key aspect of the seniors squad. If you are not immediately in the team, yet still able to play - and potentially at short notice - please add your names & contact details to the bottom of the list.  



Latest Seniors' Competition

Gents -

Tuesday's Stableford succumbed to plundering by white aliens - they came from the sky. Feel certain this will sort of invasion will be resolved once Brexit is achieved !!

So no results to post, however a special Nanook of the North award to those small number hardy souls who made the full 18 holes.

Our season of inter club matches beings in earnest with the contest against North Berwick - Tuesday 2nd May. Matches come thick and fast in May with the team sheet already on display for the St Boswell's game, so names up if your available.


Fellow Golfers of a Certain Age -

So welcome to the 2017 season now well & truly upon us. With my skis & boots stored in the loft, and the subs paid, time to hit the fairways in earnest, greens perhaps less often !

We have already had our first seniors Stableford on the 28th March. Congratulations to Andrew Thomson on his 40 points winning score, from John E. Brown - awarded second place on count back over Ian Pemberton.

Our next Stableford 25th April.

Prior to that, for those of you seeking or even desperate to improve your swing, can I remind you of Jamie's Friday morning teaching clinics? A group session which he will be looking to record and subsequently  post on the Seniors section, forming an ideal self coaching tool.

There is also Steve's excellent section on the club site which offers top tips and provides a further link to his youtube site.

You will see ours pro's shop is bursting full, which this year features special celebratory logoed "125" merchandise in the lead up to the clubs anniversary 17th October.




Seniors Matches 2017

The Seniors Matches for 2017 have been announced and listed below.  All matches are four ball format, in teams of 12.

> Download the full list of Seniors Matches & Competitions

The forthcoming season comes on the back of last year's fantastic performance, with the loss of only a single match.  Superb effort by all who played, and Davie Wright who lead us. I have taken over the mantle of senior captain and have much to live up to.

Any member aged 55 years and over, with a national handicap, can represent the club in these matches, which are played in a spirit of competitive friendship.

For many years, the team has self-selected on a "first come - first served" basis. This continues, so the first 12 members to put their names on the team sheet are selected. The team sheet will go up 2 weeks before the scheduled match. Reserves are very much appreciated as call offs can and do happen.

Our away match against North Berwick caps the season, and the opportunity to play that course is the seasons "jewel in the crown". As previously, a qualifying process applies. Over the preceding matches, players will receive 1 point for an away match & 2 points for playing a home match. Thus the top 12 points scorers are selected, subject to availability. In the event of a points tally tie the convenor and deputy convenor will finalise the team composition.

I look forward with great pride to my role and the opportunity to meet up with you over the season.

My mobile is 07766:018015, and email address -

Watch the club website senior section for blog updates etc.

Senior Team Fixtures 2017

Tuesday 2 May.          North Berwick.           Home

Thursday 11 May.         St Boswells.                Home

Thursday 18 May.         Broomieknowe.          Home

Tuesday 30 May.           Minto.                        Home

Thursday 15 June.        Torwoodlee.               Home

Monday 24 July.           Torwoodlee.               Away

Tuesday 22 August.      Glencorse.                 Away

Thursday 31 August.      West Linton.             Away

Tuesday 19 September   Minto.                       Away

Wednesday 18 October  North Berwick.        Away