Greens report for March 2017

As spring approaches and with another golf season just around the corner the course is coming out of the winter period in good shape.

This week Steve Borthwick and his team will continue their aeration programme of greens and heavy use areas. This will relieve compaction and help establish a much healthier turf which will lead to improved playing surfaces. The continued aeration work will carry on into next week, there may be some disruption to play however this is not unusual for this time of year and is an essential step in preparation for the season.

General use and the winter weather has worn away some of the access paths. To address the erosion, new material has been brought in to distribute and compact into place on the existing paths.

Over the season, we will be reviewing options to upgrade the paths with more sustainable materials.

Work to the tees is continuing; top dressing of the summer tees is being carried out when the weather allows.

Essential tree work has been carried out. Dead trees to the left-hand side of the 18th fairway have been removed. The silver birches to the left of the 18th have been moved and replaced by stronger variants of the same trees. Silver birches have been planted running down the left-hand side of the 16th and behind the 8th hole, replacing some of the Sitka Spruce. which were removed to improve the views down the course and into the town.

Finally, the Captain has kindly donated a stunning Copper Beech which has been planted beyond the bunker on the left-hand side of the 2nd hole.

Enjoy your golf!

Jim Dickson
Course convenor


Last Four Weeks

  • General maintenance keeping the course playable to the end of the season.
  • As reported last month the 4 and 6th greens, which were the two most prone to  ponding in heavy rain have been treated by a specialist contractor. The greens have been deep cored and filled with kiln dried silica sand. Our green staff will undertake perimeter drainage work during the winter.
  • Another attempt has been made to clear the drains in the depression to the left of the 18th  (previous attempt unsuccessful!)  If it does not work safety warning signs will be erected until a solution is found.

Next Four Weeks

Greenstaff are commencing the autumn maintenance programme. Greens will be verticut to 7 inches with half inch cores and then half filled with medium sand.  This week the greens will be deep scarified to  . inch and more sand applied. The greens will be overseeded with bent grasses to improve the playability and conditioning. The grading machine will be applied at . inch to improve germination. Once overseeding a autumn winter fertiliser and more sand will be applied.

Trees on the left of the 16th and left of the 3rd, will have their overhanging branches trimmed.

Jim Dickson
Oct 2015