Results for November 1st and 8th

1st November-20 played, Brian Robson returning 22 points for first place. Ian Quigley sneaked second from Ian Tate, both on 20 points. Ken Davey was nearest at the 7th.

8th November-Very favourable golfing conditions were not reflected in low scores-several players not reaching double figures! Sandy Morris was first with 22 points, Eric Ward returning 19 points for second. No birdies were recorded and, most unusual, no-one was nearest at 7. 

18th October Results

Thankfully the recent gales had abated and we had a calm but dark autumn morning. Alister Lambie took full advantage of the conditions to post 23 points for his first TAMS win. Well done Alister. Wilson Struthers pipped John Forsyth for second place on 21 points after countback. Doug Coltman had a rare nearest the pin at 7.

The TAMS 25th Anniversary booklet is now complete and ready for the print order. Members will receive a copy at the Xmas lunch. Many thanks to David Wallace for sterling work bringing everything together.

11th October results and Happy Birthday Steve.

TAMS result for Thursday11th October:

On a pleasant Autumn morning we had 24 starters for our stableford competition.

The competition was ferocious with a high standard of play and low scoring.

The winner on a countback from Brian Taylor was Doug Coltman with 23 points.

In a closely packed field behind our winners, Alistair Lambie was nearest at the 7th which he also birdied. Ian Tate birdied the 9th; Tony Kinder birdied the 1st and Chris Malcolm birdied the 8th.

TAMS result for Thursday 18th October:

It was cold today and we were on the winter greens. The heavy frost also gave us our first taste this winter of the build-up of ice on our shoes - some agility is required to chip it off with a 9-iron.

Nonetheless we had 27 starters and as last week the competition was once again fierce with many players scoring well.

Our winner this week on a three-way countback from Chris Malcolm and John Forsyth was veteran Peter Barclay with 23 points.

Chris was second and he also birdied the 9th. No-one got on the winter green at the 7th today.

Today was also a landmark day as we celebrated the 92nd birthday of our oldest TAM - Steve Baczkowski.

Results for October 4th

After gales and frost earlier in the week, we enjoyed a calm, balmy Autumn morning with not a breath of wind.

We had to contend with the winter coring and top-dressing of the greens, but the scoring was most impressive.

George Tucker was today's winner with 24 points on a countback from John Forsyth.

Ian Tait was close on their heels with 23 points and Ian also birdied No 7.

Graham Mackie was nearest on No 7.

We are now in our winter season and will play Stableford every week from now until the end of March 2019.

Results for September 6th

A fine autumn morning saw 27 players arrive including Colin Thomas from Sydney, OZ, a guest of Sandy Macfarlane.

Chris Beaumont saw off everyone with a magnificent score of 28 points. Melvin Cannell was second on 22 points easing past Brian Taylor on countback.

George Langlands was nearest at 7 converting the 10 inch put for birdie. Birdies were also recorded by Roger Key and Warner Hardie at the first, Melvin Cannell at 8 and David Wallace at 9.  

Senior moment of the day was provided by George Langlands not aware that he had left his wedge at the 4th green until David Parker returned it to him in the clubhouse.Obviously the excitement of achieving a 5 after a 5-7-blob start was too much!

30th August results

We had a beautiful autumn morning with excellent playing conditions. Good scoring saw 4 players tied on net 28. A jet-lagged David Wallace squeezed first place on countback with Doug Coltman and Warner Hardie inseparable for second, Bert Cotterill missing out.

Tony Kinder had a well deserved nearest at 7 and converted for birdie. David Wallace birdied 9.

Victor McKean had his first TAMS outing as our newest Country member.


TAMS Results 23rd August

29 players turned up despite a poor weather forecast. Overall scoring  was good, Melvin Cannell winning on net 30. Gordon Fisher and Ronnie Watt tied on net 31, Gordon sneaking the countback by 1. Our eldest statesman, Steve Baczkowski, showed his experience by being nearest at a very tricky pin position at 7.Birdies were recorded by Sandy Macfarlane, Ken Davey and Chris Malcolm at 9.


Results for 16th August

Recent heavy rain created a more challenging course with much slower greens. Our newest TAM, Bert Cotterill, repeated his good form of 3 weeks ago winning with net 27.

Steve Farrar pipped Roger Key for second both returning net 28. Ken Davey was nearest at 7 and converted for birdie. Chris Malcolm birdied 9.


Jim Walker was congratulated for holing in one at the 16th-unfortunately during a bounce game last Friday so no Boss watch.

TAMS Results 9th August - what fun we have!

Another beautiful summer's morning -though slightly chilled at 5c-saw 29 hopeful players relish excellent scoring conditions.

Peter Barclay was runaway winner with 27 points. David Parker eased out Graham Mackie for second both returning 24 points.

Gordon Fisher was nearest at 7 while Richard Edmonds birdied 7 and Ken Davie birdied 9. 15 players scored 20 points or more.

Senior moment of the day was provided by Bill Hardcastle who was so focused on scoring the winner's card that he was 100 yards up the second when he realised that he had not driven off! 


What fun we have.

Bert wins his first TAMS Comp - 26th July

As the glorious weather continues, we had 26 starters contesting our strokeplay competition.

Not for the first time, the results show that as the morning progresses and the temperature rises, the scores come tumbling down.

It is also very much the case that the age profile of our players increases towards the end of the field.

With a nett score of 28, Bert Cottrell won his first competition with the TAMS and Wilson Struthers continues his consistent season with nett 29 for second place.

Behind them the field was packed, with Steve Baczkowski (our senior TAM) on 30 and Jim McAuslin (at 90 years old), Peter Barclay and Bill Hardcastle (a younger TAM) all on 31.

Sandy Macfarlane birdied no 4 with a fine second which nearly went in and Ken Davey was nearest on no 7 and he converted his nearie with a fine birdie.


TAMS were reminded that there is no competition on Thursday 2nd August, when Peebles will host its men's Senior Open.

12th July results

Another brilliant summer's morning saw 24 players turn up with many bare legs on show-some would have been better hidden!


This is an amended result from that announced on Thursday. First was Andy Tucker with net 27 closely followed by John Forsyth on 28. A surfeit of birdies were recorded by Alistair Lambie[9th],Sandy Macfarlane[5th],Wilson Struthers[1st],Andy Tucker[3rd-a rare event] and David Wallace[1st]. Chris Malcolm was nearest the pin at 7-anyone holding the green did well.

5th July Results

With the continued hot weather the course is playing hard and fast. Several good scores were returned with our oldest player, Steve Baczkowski, losing  out to Sandy Macfarlane on countback having both scored 26 points. Sandy was also nearest the pin at 7. Birdies were recorded by Andy Tucker[1st], George Langlands [8th] and Bill Hardcastle and Chris Malcolm both at the 9th.


George Langlands confirmed that a cheque for £400 would be donated to support the junior section of the club.

Experience counts in the heat!

Greetings from Arizona where the thermometer is currently showing 43 degrees Celsius. I understand it’s a little less warm in Peebles today! Great to see the TAMS are enjoying their golf in the heat. 

David Wright


Extreme heat, swarms of flies and a course set up for the championship created challenging conditions for we aged amateurs. Experience counted and our second oldest player, Jim McAuslin, showed the young blades how to cope in these circumstances edging Graham Mackie out on countback with a net 27. Bill Hardcastle birdied 9 but not to be outdone by the venerable Jim our oldest player, Steve Baczkowski (91-years young] was nearest the pin at the 7th. Remarkable!


Brave (or foolish) TAMS

The inimitable and indomitable TAMS were the only players on the golf course today.

Nine of our finest were brave (or foolish??) enough to face the wrath of Storm Hector.

Despite the wind which nearly knocked us over on the 8th green, our efforts were well rewarded.

For the second week in a row that man from Broughton, David Parker, won with a nett 30.

In second place was the Laird of Romanno Bridge, who should really have won, but an ugly 8 on the ninth saw him slip to second place on 31.

Eric Ward was nearest on the 7th with a neat clip below the wind. Brian Robson birdied No 5 and Brian Taylor birdied No 4.

One of our 70-year olds was heard to boast in the clubhouse that he got up at the 9th with a drive and a nine-iron!