TAMS Results up and running again

I have been in Australia for the past 5 weeks so haven't been able to post the latest TAMS results until now.

George Langlands and David Wallace will continue to provide TAMS updates on a weekly basis for posting on the website.

Despite the poor weather, competitions took place on Thursday 21st and Thursday 28th January. Here is David Wallace's account of the proceedings.

Thursday 21st January

This was our first outing of the New Year after lots of rain and snow. A late start followed consultation with the Greenkeeper and 10 souls braved the remnants of snow and winter greens for a Stableford.

Three tied on 17 points - Chris Beaumont, John Forsyth and David Wallace - with Chris taking first place and John second. There is no doubt that Chris's Christmas present of a golf book worked wonders. Not only was he first he added to his ball haul with the 'nearie' on the 7th which he converted into a birdie as well. David Wallace lost out on the the main prizes but did manage a fine birdie on the 3rd.

Thursday 28th January

Despite the relentless rain on the Tuesday/Wednesday, the course was declared playable after an early inspection. 15 took the field for a stroke play competition.

David Wallace was on fine form and won with a net 36, rounded off with a birdie on the 9th         ( which sat on the edge for an eagle ). Brian Robson was a close second with 37 and the rest of the field was 'also ran' in horse racing parlance.

Chris Beaumont learned that golf is a game which allows one a little encouragement now and again but followed always with an almighty put down!