TAMS Results 27th June

With a lovely summer's morning and the course in "Championship" condition good scoring was expected. Unfortunately it was not delivered with 22 players scoring net 30+ with seven on net 33. Jim McAuslin [one of our elder statesmen] returned net 27 to take first place from a refreshed George Langlands who had net 29, and also birdied the 6th. Ronnie Watt was nearest at 7 with what he described as a lovely shot-tho' this was disputed by Brian Robson!

Results for 20th June

On a blustery morning which was far from the promised forecast we had 23 starters.

Nothing however got in the way of this weeks winner, Doug Coltman, who won with a record nett score of 23.

A distant second was David Wallace on nett 30 who won on a count back from Roger Key.

Ian Tate was nearest on no 7 and Bill Hardcastle birdied the 7th.

We did have another birdie today - a cuckoo who serenaded us up the 4th and along the 5th with its distinctive haunting cry.

TAMS results for D-Day 6th June

On the 75th anniversary of D-Day, we also enjoyed a brief 'weather window' which allowed 24 of us to play in warm and pleasant conditions.

The golf course was in excellent condition although our scores did not really reflect how well the course was playing.

In a tightly packed field, Brian Robson took first place with 22 points and Ronnie Watt edged John Napier, David Wallace and Ian Tate on a count-back for second place with 21 points.

Surprisingly, there were no birdies today.

Warner Hardy was closest on No 7.

We also congratulated Ian Tate on winning the Seniors Stableford this week with a massive 42 points.

Then we had a real seniors moment.

Several of our members were schoolboys on D-Day and in return for a ball they each gave us their own recall of that momentous day.

Results for 16th May

On a lovely morning with a slightly cool eastern breeze 27 people took part.

Roger Key took 1st prize with a fantastic 27 net.

In 2nd place with a net 28 was Graham Mackie.

There were birdies for Gordon Fisher at the 1st.

Chris Beaumont had a marvellous birdie at the 7th after chipping in from off the green.

Roger Key and Ken Davey had birdies at the 9th.

Brian Robson was nearest the pin at the 7th but failed to convert a reasonable birdie chance.

It was good to see our oldest member, Steve Baczkowski, back playing, after his recent illness.

Steve showed he had lost none of his golfing skills with a net 29 .

9th May Results

21 played this morning finding pleasant conditions compared to yesterday's monsoon.
Scoring was very tight Ian Tate and Graham Mackie both returning net 30 with Ian winning on countback. Several players were on 31 and 32 net.
Ronnie Watt was nearest at 7 getting inside Gordon Fisher who converted the birdie opportunity.

On the 23rd we will play for Roddie McAlpine's Gavel which is a 5 club stableford.

TAMS Results 2nd May

A chilly Spring morning was warmed up by some hot scoring on the course. 14 players scored 18 points plus with Eric Ward and George Cunningham both returning 27 points, Eric winning on countback. A feast of birdies was returned by Doug Coltman, George Cunningham, Ronnie Watt and Ian Quigley, Ian also being nearest at the 7th.

John Forsyth was presented with the Drew Haldane Quaich having won the Winter Stableford competition.

25th April results

On a warm late spring morning we had 22 starters.

Running fairways and fast-improving greens yielded good scoring.

We had a complete tie for first place between Gordon Fisher (freshly returned from the cruising circuit) and Sandy Morris, both with nett 25. Their scores could not be separated so they were both awarded two balls with no second place award.

Nearest the pin FOR THE SECOND WEEK RUNNING was that old campaigner George Tucker, who shepherds the end of the field most weeks getting them back into the clubhouse in good time.

Steve Farrar and David Wallace both birdied the 9th.

Our oldest member, Steve Baczkowski, has been in hospital but is now on the mend, so we sent him our best wishes in a nice card with our individual greetings.

18th April Results

Despite the promising forecast it was a cold and misty start for the early groups among our 25 starters.

And, as is often the case, those enjoying the better weather later on yielded the winning scores.

Our revised new season handicaps produced excellent strokeplay scores with Richard Edmonds winning with a nett 26 closely followed by John Forsyth on nett 27.

There was a log-jam behind them on 28 and 29.

Nearest the pin at the 7th, playing with Richard in the last group was George Tucker, who played a good shot to a tough pin tucked behind the right-hand bunker.

The day's only birdie was by David Wallace at the 9th./

TAMS results for 11th April

Due to the course being closed on the previous Thursday, this was the 1st Thursday that the Stableford could be played..

25 players took part on a lovely crisp and sunny morning.

Due to the early morning frost, Winter greens were in play for holes 1- 6.

As this was the 1st competition with the revised handicaps scoring was pretty high.

Wilson Struthers came top of the pile with 26 points.

Bill Hardcastle came 2nd with 25 points, tying with Sandy Morris, but winning on the countback.

Melvin Cannell had a birdie on the 1st and Steve Farrer had a birdie on the 7th.

Brian Taylor was nearest the pin on the 7th.

28th March - the last Winter Stableford.

23 players turned up for the last winter stableford. A benign spring morning with the greens in remarkably good condition encouraged some quality golf.

22 points were returned by Chris Beaumont and George Langlands, Chris winning on the countback. David Parker broke Alistair Lambie's recent monopoly of nearest at 7.

The birdie famine of recent weeks was ended with birdies by George Langlands at the first, Jim McAuslin at 7, David Wallace and Brian Taylor both at 9.

The summer format is to remain as stableford for the first Thursday of the month and strokeplay for the others. Revised handicaps will be issued.

Thanks to Jim McAuslin for arranging the plant donation to Andrew's Gardening Team-the ladies declined the initial offer of chocolates and requested some plants for the course instead--what will power--or is it won't power?

TAMS show their appreciation to the Gardening Team


A lovely touch by the TAMS who presented three of our hard working volunteer gardening team with some plants as a thank you for all their hard work!

Pictured are the Captain of the Seniors’ Team, Brian Robson, with Senga Brown, Val McKean and Sue Yates. A special thank you also goes to Andrew Thomson who is standing down as the ‘Captain’ of the Gardening Team. The hard work of all the Gardening Team is appreciated by the TAMS as they step on to the first tee every Thursday morning!

21st March and TAMS Spring into action!

On the first day of official spring, 26 TAMS set out with a definite spring in their step.

Despite the dank and muddy conditions, competition was intense for our modest rewards. 

Just imagine what it must be like when, like Rory last week, you need a 4 up the 18th to win USD 2.25 million!!

With an excellent 21 points our only left-hander Graham Taylor was today's winner and a close second on 20 points was Sandy Macfarlane, fresh from his winter Down Under sojourn.

With lambing time looming, that man Alistair Lambie was nearest yet again on the 7th. Well done Alistair and shame on the rest of us for our collective and continuing  uncompetitiveness over 135 yards.

The drought on birdies extends into yet another week!

Results for 14 March... and farewell to Gordon Smith.

18 players encountered better weather conditions than forecast.

Tony Kinder was a very popular winner with 20 points. George Cunningham was second with 18 points. 

Alistair Lambie reinforced his driving skills at the 7th with his 3rd nearest the pin in 5 outings.

Best wishes were given to Gordon Smith, a TAM of many years standing, who is returning to his home town of Kilmarnock.

TAMS 28th February

The tropical conditions of the past few days had disappeared. A cold misty dawn welcomed the early starters of the 23 who played.

Scoring was mediocre. Three players tied on 19 points, Warner Hardie easing out Bill Hardcastle on countback-Jim Walker was awarded a compensatory ball for scoring his 19 points on the first 6 holes!

Alistair Lambie was nearest at 7 but just missed out on the birdie.

Having not played for 4 weeks [felled by some dreaded lurgi ) George Langlands was just happy to last 9 holes. Welcome back George!