Senior Team Review 2018

It's yet again that time of year gents, to review what we achieved as Team Peebles in the 2018.

Our results read as follows - played 12 - Won 6, Drawn 3 and Lost 3. That represents a 62.5% success rate which in turn equates to a 2:1 in academic terms. A wee bit down on last season's 70% record. We remained unbeaten at home.

New in 2018, the home & away fixtures against Carnwath. A solid home win was balanced against a sound away thrashing - mind off their whites. Irrespective for me, this year's most fun match.

Again a very tight fought encounter home and away against Minto saw both matches drawn. One day I will play, what is a cracking track, well !!

The encounter at Torwoodlee saw our first loss to the pallies under my captaincy. They fielded  some interesting opponents, interesting in terms of, I had never seen them in previous matches. Thus we are clearly attracting other clubs "A" game players as they seek to compete against Team Peebles.  So perhaps this match was my one regret of the year, all be it I did play that course well.

Off from the course it has been wonderful to see how you have embraced and worn with pride our new 2018 uniform.  What a difference when we turn out against other clubs in our logo'd kit. So my ambition and invitation is to see all our numbers wearing the team uniform for 2019.

2018 has generated a serious demand for places on the match day team sheet. So much so that I adopted a "captain's pick" for my partner to ensure all got a chance to play. How we move forward in 2019 is for Brain to decide. However we may now have reached the point where names go up on a sheet, from which & dependant on previous games played our captain then selects that actual team. Participation can't solely be the ability to get to a notice board by a set time on a set day anymore !

The fixture card is already confirmed for 2019. Once again we play our usual suspects, all be it flipping  the one off game hosts. I do wonder if we will see a St Boswells fixture next year ? Their numbers have been waning & this might be a season too far. I am however trying to arrange a match against Harburn - where a number of my old rugby pals play. It won't be full contact golf ! Watch this space.

So a couple more things and these are by way of my very deep and sincere expression of gratitude.

2018 has seen the final, regular, partnering of our Team Ian's. I say regular as I trust in time of need they would answer any call from the team they have served with such distinction over numerous seasons. They were my bankers - when the points were needed they delivered, even after their own handicaps went tumbling down !  Quote of the season "We're giving the opposition strokes !!!"

Ian Mewitt & Ian Pemberton take a very well earned round of applause from all your team mates.

Finally, as seniors captain, can I thank all of Team Peebles for your assistance, enthusiasm and skill, which has resulted in what I believe to have been a very successful couple of seasons. It has for me been my honour to lead you. I trust you will offer Brain that same support in 2019.