Honours Shared in Minto Match-Up

Recent encounters with our senior friends from Minto have been very close affairs. This seasons match at Peebles was no different.

Ian Pemberton's late fitness test failure had attracted much locker room chatter.  The injury apparent attributed to his accidental dropping of a pound coin. His golfing partner had suggested that if it land heads up it was his. Not willing to take that chance the coin was swiftly recovered before alighting on the fairway. I am put in mind of Robert Vaughan's character Lee words from the Magnificent Seven - "One. There was a time when I'd have gotten all three."

So there were a few rematches form our victory at Minto. The first being the top game were David Wright & Brian"Shooter"Robson had defeated their opposition, last outing,  with a chip in at the 17th. It was not however to be a repeat of that result and they lost out 2&1.

Geff"Corgi"Lawson & Jim"Chariots"Cutler are now a well established partnership.  Their ability to assign their names on the team sheet only exceeded by their accomplishments on the course. A very tight - the words of the Yorkshire man - fought encounter saw our lads come out on top 1 up.

Ken"Logger"Davey & Brian"Chirpy"Taylor had a fraught encounter. They were at some points 3 down, but did rally to end their match strongly, thereby loosing by the one hole.

Stevie Matthews had sought the sage of Tom"Ace"Litster, his guidance in how to master a course he has so often graced. It seemed to have worked when they took an early lead. However for the second match running Stevie came up against a high handicapper playing as if the possessor of single figure certificate. A chip in off the fourth tee for a net par at the third may have been a sign. So despite paring from 5th through to the 9th, they were 1 down at the turn. The Minto team were taken all the way to the 18th green, where yet another par from the men in green saw them make it home 1 up.

With the TFPB depleted by one Ian, Sam"TheMan"Walker seamlessly slipped into the hot seat vacated and with Ian Mewwit recorded a 3&1 victory. A result that was never in doubt.

Final pairing of Ian"Creed"Tate & Gordon"Birdie"Fisher  were our last hope of securing a positive result from the match. They were as good as we have come to expect and romped in for a "W" 3&2.

Thus for the second successive year this home match was halved. Simply necessitates a repeat our away victory latter in the year.

Next match is the first of reverse rubbers against Torwoodlee at home on Thursday 14th June. Again we anticipate very competitive encounters. Team sheet will go live at 12 noon 31st May. You will note a number of pre selections. A significant departure from the norm. This will ensure that teammates who have limited future playing opportunities, or have not as yet played, and are not able to make the 3 minute window of opportunity when the sheet is posted, get a chance to participate as a member of our team.