Torwoodlee Blown Away

This weeks seniors match pitted Team Peebles against our nearest and keenest rivals Torwoodlee. With storm Hector necessitating the re- scheduling of the match form the previous week, a few of the original team were unavailable. However their absences were opportunities swiftly snapped up by our reserves. So valuable for any captain to have such a buoyant & enthusiastic squad.

First out were Andy"H"Nelson & Gordn"Birdie"Fisher. Their tie was not however to set the standards of either their previous outing or the match itself. "Birdies" sub-par feast turned to famine against a very competitive Torwoodlee pairing which saw them loose out 2 down.

Stevie Matthews & Ian"Creed"Tate were steady away. They then hit a rich vein of form from the 5th - par, par, birdie, par, eagle- enabled them to make the turn 4 up. The exchange of an odd hole on the back nine, still saw then finish off winners 4&3.

This was then the start of a procession of winning partnerships.

Vic Roberts & Jim"RVW"Lyle were romping home at one point, but the Torwoodlee captain pairing rallied to get the score back to 2 up, however our guys put the pedal to the metal and motored, home winners 3&1.

Jim"Chariot"Cutlerr & Neil"Boomboom"Byers easily polished off their opponents 6&5. Chariots as his tile would suggest on fire and "BoomBoom" launching it straight & true off the tee  - apart from the 17th ! Score of the match was not theirs however !!

That was reserved for Ian Mewitt & Sam"TheMan"Walker. Ian Pemberton had been one of our team unavailable for this match. As with the last match Sam filled in, and as with all things, The Bank of Team Peebles associated, the points were in the bag. 7&5 - yes 7&5 was their winning margin, & saw Sam chipping in twice from off the green. Now if Sam should only change his name to Ian the geometry would be perfect?

Last out Brian"Shooter"Robson & Les Biscomb. This was Les's first outing with seniors of Team Peebles. A very last minute call up to replace sickness call off. We trust you enjoyed your day, you certainly contributed to our cause and trust you will in the words of a certain film character - be back. These two with a 4&3 victory brought Team Peebles tally score to a magnificent 5 - 1.

Thanks again guys, in securing our continuing unbeaten record. Next off it's the reverse rubber down at the pailies 23rd July.