19th January - It's a funny old game!

On a calm winter's morning we had an excellent turn out of 19.

it is clear from the rather modest scores that we play better on winter greens than on the proper greens. It is also apparent that those who played in the daylight rather than the semi gloom of 8am fared much better. Nonetheless Warner Hardie was our clear winner on 16 points and our elder statesman Steve Baczkowski came second on 14 points after a countback with George Tucker.

There was an unusual rules issue on which we had to consult the head Pro. At the 7th, Ken Davey's tee shot lay just short of the putting surface. Harvey Robertson whose tee shot lay further away played his second shot first. His ball struck Ken's ball and moved it on to the putting surface. So the question to Steve Johnston was - what should Ken have done then? The answer was that Ken had the option in his sole discretion either to play the ball as it lay or to replace it from whence it had been moved. This also had an amusing side to it! No one had reached the putting surface at the 7th and therefore there was no nearest the pin at that point. With Ken's ball having been knocked onto the green he therefore qualified for the nearest the pin award! What a strange game!