21st March and TAMS Spring into action!

On the first day of official spring, 26 TAMS set out with a definite spring in their step.

Despite the dank and muddy conditions, competition was intense for our modest rewards. 

Just imagine what it must be like when, like Rory last week, you need a 4 up the 18th to win USD 2.25 million!!

With an excellent 21 points our only left-hander Graham Taylor was today's winner and a close second on 20 points was Sandy Macfarlane, fresh from his winter Down Under sojourn.

With lambing time looming, that man Alistair Lambie was nearest yet again on the 7th. Well done Alistair and shame on the rest of us for our collective and continuing  uncompetitiveness over 135 yards.

The drought on birdies extends into yet another week!