Nothing In Halves - Only The Result

Tuesday was our annual match, which this season was away, against Broomieknowe. After the superb weather over the preceding days, there was a very chill wind blowing as we tee'd off at sharp o'clock. A very high scoring encounter ensued.

Again two tees were in play so the results are as follows.

Ian"Clippy"Stewart & Ken"Logger"Davey took on the home team's top pairing, in what was expected to be a close encounter. So it proved in the overall scheme of the match, even when the conifers came into play more often than necessary. However it was a home success, 2&1.

David Wright & Ian"Creed"Tate were yet again at their best - Hasta La Vista - form. This match was terminated at the 14th with a 5&4 victory. Super return for some very crisp golf.

Stevie Matthews & Sam"The Man"Walker were in for a very hard mornings workout. Up against a 20 handicapper, playing "out of his skin" - his partners words not mine - they eventually lost to a net 1 on the par 3 15th. Throughout the match the Peebles pair's pars were never enough. Sam's arithmetic identified that their opponent had played net 3 under par.  

Geff"Corgi"Lawson & Jim"Chariots"Cutler also were up against it from the start. No matter what they threw at their opponents it never seemed enough. Perhaps just a bad day at the office. The result a 5&3 loss.

Reliable, predictable, dependable ! That's what high street banks used to be ? These days that role is left to our "Team Ian's" or perhaps more accurately "TBTP" - The Bank of Team Peebles. Not since Poulter's Ryder Cup prime, has a thing been more secure, and wearing their new team uniform they almost looked like him. Don't even need to tell you the result - the score 3&2.

Finally we had Andy"H"Nelson & the golfer formally known as "Wolfie" now Gordon"Birdie"Fisher.  With a string of subpar holes "H's" mere pars were simply irrelevant. Red hot from the off, very swiftly 6 up, this pairing put the opposition to the sword - 8&7.

A match, which was always going to be a keenly fought friendly on an foreign track that not many of us have experienced before, ended halved. Team Peebles maintain our unbeaten record this season.

Next Tuesday we entertain Minto. This followed by home & away rubbers against Torwoodlee are the real challenge for us this season, challenges for which we have already shown excellent form.

Well done guys.