Seniors Take A Trip Down The Tweed To Triumph

An away day for Team Peebles on Monday. In glorious Bank Holiday sunshine we visited the quirky nine hole St Boswells track, on the banks of the Tweed. The home team had "issues" raising the requisite numbers, so Peebles had travelled with 4 extra squad members. On the day Jim"RVW"Lyle scheduled the wrong day and St Boswells had two players parachuted in very late from other clubs.

Starting at 5 different tees, the order of play was fluid. In terms of reports it played out as follows.

David Wright & Brain"Shooter"Robson from the 5th had a close fought encounter with St Boswells captain's pairing. The spoils were shared. Match halved.

Geoff"Corgi"Lawson with Jim"Chariots"Cutler started at the 3rd. That meant a three time hill climb up to the clubhouse. Irrespective of that & playing against a very youthful senior, they took the match - winning 1up.

Team Ian's, playing against our own Brian"Chirpy"Taylor, headed out from the picturesque 2nd. At one point 3 down - predominantly to the Peebles factor - they fought back superbly to secure a half.

From the 1st, Neil"Bom Bom"Byers & Ian"Creed"Tate were our most assured pairing and romped home to a 3&2 victory. Yet another scalp for our very own assassin.

Following them out, Stevie Matthews was supported by late replacement Sam"The Man"Walker.  Their match appeared to be a procession, 4 up after 6 holes, then both inexplicably lost the plot. It was only with a par at the last hole that they secured their match, winning 1up.

Finally Vic Roberts & Alan Jackson were off out against Peebles Ken Davey and his home team partner (apparently). In essence it was a Peebles v Peebles contest, with Ken coming out on top. Thus St Boswells ONLY points were secured by one of our own.

Lastly a quick mention to Gordon"Wolfie"Fisher. Having travelled as a St Boswell reserve, he was not required, then made up a 5 ball in Stevie's match. Not merely a number however - easily the best putter of that group on what were interesting greens.

So match won by Team Peebles. The record books will show an official score of  4-2, though I am claiming it was in actually  4-1-1. Well done again Ken & yes you’re still most definitely one of us !

Next match v Broomieknowe 22nd May. Please note the tee offs are from 1st & 17th starting at 9am. Meet there at 8:15am. Very tough test. This club will be seeking to redress last season's defeat.


That team sheet is already full ! With three reserves also named, I am trying to negotiate increasing numbers dependant on their capacity. Watch this space.

It does however bring into sharp focus the popularity of our seniors matches. Demand is outstripping supply. A far better position to be in than the likes of St Boswells & even North Berwick. However I am very conscious that there are some of our numbers who have yet to secure a slot this season.

This is an issue I am carefully reflecting on.