Carnwath White Wash Pebbles Off The Whites

Our 2019 season has seen a new fixture to the calendar, playing Carnwath home & away. Our latest match was to be hosted at the South Lanarkshire club. We had been successful on home turf back in April and this trip was keenly awaited by Team Peebles. That enthusiasm was almost turned to frustration as our arrival was diverted & delayed via back lanes due to street resurfacing. Surely things could not get worse !

Carnwath play regular league matches and perhaps that savvy showed in their selection. A high & low handicapper were paired in their teams. In addition teeing of the whites was a new experience that had not been factored in by Team Peebles.

First out Stevie Matthews & Les Biscomb. There opponents a 7 & 20 handicappers resulted in the Peebles boys giving up 7 strokes. So with their "high numbers" or as he became know - TFN (there for nothing), having shots on the three of the first 4 holes it was not surprising that a lead was swiftly established. The match appeared a lost cause, however some stout rear guard action from Les saw our boys heading down the 18th only 1 down. All to play for ! There TFN again used his shot to secure the match. Loss 2 down.

Next teeing it up off the whites, Geff"Corgi"Lawson & Jim"Chariots"Culter. The latter was struggling with an elbow injury, however he was superbly supported with Corgi's great knock. However even such a low score could only return a halved match.

David Wright & Roger Scott were considered a strong pairing. Both have had a solid season, but as with the opening match, their opponents were again even better matched. A strong performance still resulted in a loss 1 down.

Vic Roberts, now playing with substitute Andy"H"Nelson. Another strong pairing was as with the others before them reduced to a losing return - 1 down.

Team Ian's would surely record a positive number for Peebles. Both have been getting results all season, in our seniors matches and the club comps. Handicaps have been reduced accordingly. So what was their influence on the day? Unbelievable as it sounds - and this is the only time such a typo has been assigned to our stalwarts - loss 5&3.

Our last pairing were Sam"TheMan"Walker & Ian"Credo"Walker. These two have been points winners all season. There must be a win for Team Peebles. The short answer is no. Loss 4&3.

Thus ended our trip to fortress Carnwath. Final result - 5½-½. A whitewash off the whites. Still, strong learning points for Brain & next season. Despite the pumping, still great fun with some superb lads which continued into the clubhouse.

Next game away at Minto - another very tough encounter. We won down there last season - let's do the double.