BBC 100% Wrong - Team Pebbles 100% Strong

Team Peebles penultimate match of the season was away to Minto. Mustering at the back of 9am on a gorgeous autumn morning in shirts sleeves and trousers the only regret was that too much credence had been given to the 100% chance of rain announced on the BBC's website. Shorts should have been the uniform of the day. Could Team Pebbles catch Minto short out on the course !

With home & away matches each season the road to Minto is well travelled - all be it never the same way twice ! Similarly the Minto players are well known. Similar courses result in tight encounters. Would today be any different.

As always 3 tee were in play - so the in team sheet order -

Stevie Matthews was paired up with Jim"RVW"Lyle. During their trip down it had been established the two were at school together - the latter as teacher & former the pupil. As equals now, they came up against a strong and determined Minto pair, again with a high handicappers playing very effectively. So much so a 4 stroke lead was established. However a rear guard action saw our lads dormay 2 - only for birdies, net eagles at 17th & 18th to steal the match for the home team. Loss 3&1.

Next to hit the fairway Geff"Corgi"Lawson & Andy"H"Nelson. The latter covering for the injured Jim"Charoits"Cutler. Solid match from both our guys and especially strong finish from Andy enabled the boys seal the match with a birdie on the 18th. Win 1 up.

George Cunningham making only his second appearance this season was out with David"PC"Wright. The score, a loss 6&5 for once does not tell the full story. David initially believing he had food poisoning was clearly off form & colour. It transpires he has required to seek hospital treatment. We wish all the very best for what we trust will be a swift recovery.

Roger Scott, like a 80's pop duo, reformed with his regular sparring partner of season's past Tom"Ace"Litster. Clearly warming up for a potential trip back to North Berwick where last year Roger's form was described as obscene - this pair romped home 5&4.

Team Ian's had refocused after their last outing at Carnwath - where neither the regular "W" or even an acceptable "D" had been achieved. As with all things TBTP normal service was resumed.  The Ian's stormed back with a big "W" - 4&3. Form is temporary - class permanent.

The final match saw Brain"Chirpy"Taylor & Ken"Logger"Davey - our very own Cardrona massive - struck out for the glory of the match winning half point. Pitted against probably the Minto best pairing it was a hard ask. They fought hard but ended up on the wrong side of a 3&2 loss.

So match halved, as was the game at home. Honours very much even - even if perhaps the Minto boys had the benefit of a 13th man in the pace of their greens.

The aggregate scores you have obtained from the matches played so far are up on the notice board. We have several of our team who already are unavailable. So even with limited points you may well still make selection. Therefore please tick off or score out your name so that Brain"Captain Elect" Robson can pick his pairings.