Brave (or foolish) TAMS

The inimitable and indomitable TAMS were the only players on the golf course today.

Nine of our finest were brave (or foolish??) enough to face the wrath of Storm Hector.

Despite the wind which nearly knocked us over on the 8th green, our efforts were well rewarded.

For the second week in a row that man from Broughton, David Parker, won with a nett 30.

In second place was the Laird of Romanno Bridge, who should really have won, but an ugly 8 on the ninth saw him slip to second place on 31.

Eric Ward was nearest on the 7th with a neat clip below the wind. Brian Robson birdied No 5 and Brian Taylor birdied No 4.

One of our 70-year olds was heard to boast in the clubhouse that he got up at the 9th with a drive and a nine-iron!