TAMS results and chat - 7th June

The glorious weather continues, the golf course is now in terrific condition although the rough is a bit too much for most of us.

Today's winner of our 9-hole Stableford Competition was David Parker with a score of 23 points.

There was a three-way tie on 22 points for second place and it needed a 6-hole countback to separate them in favour of Eric Ward.

There were, surprisingly, no birdies at all today but that man Quigley popped up again to win nearest the pin at his favourite hole, No 7!


John Burnett announced that the 'Royal' Glenholm pitch-and-putt course is now open for play and all visitors are welcome.


We also had a quiz today on a Rules of Golf issue with a prize of a ball for the first correct answer.

On the 6th, a player found himself in the rough; he placed his bag on its stand and chose his club; however as he prepared to play his bag fell over and struck his ball moving it some distance; whereupon he dropped his ball from where it had finished up to a position near where it had lain and he continued to play.

The question was had he incurred a penalty and had he proceeded correctly to play the hole.

Answer: he incurred a one-shot penalty for his bag hitting his ball and a two-stroke penalty for not replacing his ball exactly where it had lain.

First with the correct answer was Jim McAuslin - well done Jim at age 90